The Institute of Supply Chain Management was developed as the first and only international institute that represents the interests of the supply chain industry around the Globe. IoSCM encompasses all aspects of supply chain operations from transport to manufacturing, logistics to purchasing.

IoSCM's objective is to reinforce and promote best practice and high standards with in the supply chain industry. The institute is impartial, offering services on an international scale in support of businesses and professionals within the supply chain sector.

IoSCM is the only Institute that gives you access to seven individual skill sets under one Institute. IOSCM’s focus is supply chain management which allows the student to develop their own course based around their needs and requirements. IOSCM have seven individual qualifications areas including:

  1. Supply Chain,
  2. Logistics and Transport,
  3. Manufacturing,
  4. Ports and Shipping,
  5. Warehousing,
  6. Freight and Purchasing.

Each area has a level suitable for all different backgrounds and work experience from introductory to senior management.

IOSCM use a unique platform with various options for work submission which adds to the flexibility for each student. They can complete course based around their own strengths and needs and increase their knowledge and skills to help them develop within their career and their business. With expanding growth within the UK and Overseas, IOSCM is setting the standard of recognition within Supply Chain excellence.

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