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The continuous advancement of the Internet has a great influence on media and design as it creates whole new ways to communicate to customers and clients, or the public in general. The World Wide Web means: people satisfying their thirst for information with the help of search engines like google, exchanging their thoughts through social media & networks, businesses marketing their products/ services using e-commerce reaching more potential consumers, writers publishing their texts more easily with the help of digital publishing & editing and journalism informing more people from more different places in real time. The usability of the web2.0 seems to have no limits. Did you ever want to learn more about copywriting, copy-editing, write/ design web pages with HTML and CSS or the different programmes offered by Adobe, e.g. Adobe Photoshop or Dreamweaver? Then the design, Internet & media training courses on Springest are interesting for you as they even go a step further and offer more specific training courses such as web design and web analytics.

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