How do I become a bookkeeper?

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What do you want to learn, change or accomplish?

I'm thinking of studying bookkeeping as I'm good with numbers, and I like order. What is the most respected qualification?

Why are you interested in this?

I've finished my GCSEs and want to start my working career. Seeming as I'm good with numbers, like working with computers, and enjoy keeping my things organised. I thought that a bookkeeping career would suit my skills and likes.

How do you want the course or program to be set up?

I don't really mind if its an online, distance learning or actually going to college. I live in Dorset so I think distance learning would probably be easier for me.

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An Introduction to Bookkeeping

Logo Hemsley Fraser

Overview Course duration: 1 day.This course covers basic bookkeeping and takes delegates through the accounting process from the generation…


ICB Level I - Certificate in Basic Bookkeeping BBS103

Logo Academy for Distance Learning

Start with this course first and get your bookkeeping career moving. ADL is an appointed ICB Accredited Training Centre. The Certificate I …

Pat Marshallcomments.comment. Springest visitor

"To make a career of it you might like to think about getting a qualification from The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). Then look at software. A bookkeeping course has traditionally used Sage. This does not, however, mean that Sage is the best. Quickbooks is very well worth looking at as most small businesses find it much ore productive than Sage. Many companies have invested in Sage and then find that it too difficult for them to use and are therefore looking for a bookeeper to do it for them. That is why you might need to be conversant with Sage. The toughest combination is Apple and Sage as Sage does not run on an Apple but people buy the combination because they think it is the best. So you also need experience in running windows on a Mac. On-line versions of Quickbooks are now becoming a viable alternative for many businesses. You can have a free trial I believe." - 18-06-2014 08:29

Hayley Whitecomments.comment. Springest visitor

"I have just completed an ICB Affiliate (AfICB) bookkeeping qualification with Academy for Distance Learning This L2 course is the first step to becoming a qualified bookkeeper. ADL courses are really good and my tutor was very patient giving lots of extra resources." - 18-06-2014 11:59

Logo The BPST Partnershipverified_userVerified provider on Springest
Caroline BarbourThe BPST Partnership

"If you just want to study bookkeeping then you should register with the ICB ( They have a list of course providers.
However, if you want to go further and study accounts then I would start by enroling on an HNC/HND in accounts in your nearest participating college or uni. From there you can go on to study the finals for ACCA or CIMA and become a Chartered Accountant or Certified Management Accountant.

If you wish to study bookkeeping on a distance learning program I would suggest doing this through Kaplan Financial or NCC homelearning." - 20-06-2014 12:41

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