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5 Microbiology Training Courses


Mastering Microbiology

Logo Global Edulink

Do you have a flair for Science? Studying Natural Science can open a lot of doors as it shows intelligence, investigative skills, the abili…



Logo University of Dundee

Why study Microbiology at Dundee? The Microbiology degree programme at Dundee deals with aspects of the subject ranging from those of medic…



Logo University of Glasgow

Microbiology is the study of all aspects of microorganisms, which include bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and protozoa. Some of these are v…


Microbiology, BSc (Hons)

Logo Nottingham Trent University

This modular course gives a sound foundation to the study of Microbiology and allows students to specialise in their chosen field of intere…


MSci Microbiology

Logo University of East Anglia

Microbiologists are at the forefront of biotechnology research across a vast and diverse range of topics. This newly launched programme pro…