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40 Assertiveness Training Courses

See also: Public speaking & presentation, Feedback Skills, Persuasion & Influencing, Prioritising, Communication Skills, Building / Construction, and Motivation.

See also: Public speaking & presentation, Feedback Skills, and Persuasion & Influencing.


Developing Self Esteem, Assertiveness and Personal Effectiveness

Logo Courtney Associates
date_rangeWednesday 31 July 2019 in Leeds and 7 other dates

This participatory Developing Self Esteem, Assertiveness and Personal Effectiveness course will provide each learner with the knowledge and…


Assertiveness & Confidence Building

Logo Stand & Deliver, Learning & Development
date_rangeWednesday 18 September 2019 in Kendal and 3 other dates

Who Should Attend Anyone who would like to improve their ability to delegate, self confidence, constructive communication skills or deal mo…


Assertiveness Training Course

Logo Spearhead Training Ltd

a one-day in-company training programme1 Day - On Request This course is one of our standard in-company programmes and can be delivered to …


Developing Assertiveness Skills in the Public Sector

Logo Ptp Training and Marketing Ltd
date_rangeThursday 01 August 2019 in Leeds (Tingley) and 3 other dates

Working to optimum effectiveness in and around the public sector can benefit by building assertive communication skills and increasing pers…


Assertiveness Building Personal Confidence

Logo Ptp Training and Marketing Ltd
date_rangeThursday 08 August 2019 in Edinburgh and 21 other dates

Assertiveness Training – This assertiveness and building personal confidence programme helps delegates understand why it is sometimes hard …


Influencing & Assertiveness

Logo Maguire Training

The ability to influence other people is an essential tool if people are to gain agreement and co-operation from others in order to achieve …


Assertiveness Training Course

Logo Midlands Training

Assertiveness SkillsThis one day course will help you develop skills to become more confident and assertive in what ever role you choose. I…



Logo The Development Company

The ability to express your views confidently and generate the results you want when dealing with other people is an essential skill in any…


Assertiveness & Effective Interpersonal Skills 1 Day Open Course

Logo Edeva Solutions Ltd

This one day highly interactive course is ideal for those individuals who find it difficult to say NO! And need to develop effective skills…


Assertiveness & Confidence Building Workshop

Logo New College Nottingham

This course consists of the following: What is assertiveness? Different types of behaviour Rights & responsibilities Assertiveness techniqu…


Assertiveness Training Course

Logo R2 Training
placeBirmingham, Bristol and 14 other regions

Assertiveness will help you deal with difficult situations and people more effectively.Learn how to stand up for yourself, communicate your…


Assertiveness and Confidence Training Course

Logo LDA Academy
placeLeeds, London and 1 other region

"Discover How To Conquer Negative Thinking, Master Body Language And Questioning Skills, Express Assertiveness Whilst Building Consensus, G…


Developing Self Esteem and Assertiveness

Logo GBC Learning & Development
placeKingston, London and 10 other regions

Duration: A one day training course Suitable for: This training is designed for anyone who wishes to improve their self- esteem and confide…


Influencing Skills, Assertiveness and Negotiation

Logo London Corporate Training

Senior Managers who would like a refresher and to develop their confidence, influence and negotiation skills Departmental Directors and Dep…


Assertiveness at Work

Logo Focus on Training

This course will benefit you whether you are a manager, or a team leader. This course will enable you to develop effective assertive behavi…

Let us help you choosing the right course

Not sure which course to pick? Please read on: An assertive attitude is of use in many situations, both at home and at work. A lack of assertiveness can lead to frustration and prevents you from bringing out the best in yourself.


The internet offers a large number of different courses and training programmes. With this article, we like to help you in choosing the right course.

  1. Checklist: do you need an assertiveness course?
  2. Course duration
  3. Course type and group size
  4. Does the provider suit you?

Checklist: do you need an assertiveness course?

Standing up for yourself without unnecessarily hurting others is the core of assertive behaviour. Daring to give your opinion, but also daring to listen to the other persons’ opinion.

Do you often feel that you:

  • aren’t getting what you want?
  • should have said "no" but are left holding the baby instead?
  • daren’t speak out frankly?
  • are not heard?
  • have difficulty in drawing a clear line?
  • would like to improve your communication with others?
  • swallow irritations and avoid confrontations?

Furthermore, do you have difficulty dealing with criticism, expressing your feelings and is the thought of public speaking enough to make your blood pressure rise?

If that is the case, an assertiveness course might prove to be very helpful to you. In addition, it can be of use when you wish to gain more self-insight. Being assertive is something you can learn.

Doing an assertiveness course results in more insight into your own and others’ behaviour. You will also be more capable of drawing a clear line. You will be able to communicate more effectively and deal with others in a more powerful and personal manner.

Course duration

Assertiveness isn’t a trick you can teach yourself. It requires a vast change in your attitude and behaviour, and that takes time and effort. A training programme or course of one day might provide you with the necessary tools and insights, but if you want to achieve a real change in attitude, it will take more time.

So if you want to make a structural change, you will benefit from a longer course.

Course type and group size

Consider which training approach best suits you and assures you get the best results. Do other people inspire you or would you rather receive a lot of personal attention? Find out how large the groups are to make sure your course is in accordance with your wishes.

Behavioural change is, generally speaking, easier to acquire in a group setting, where the input of the other participants can be very valuable and instructive.

Also, work out for yourself whether you need an assertiveness course or a course in communication skills or social skills. Are you a very shy person and could you use some help in this department? In that case, a social skills training course might help you achieve your learning goals. Do you have personal issues and feel that your personal needs require more attention? Perhaps a coach or a course in personal effectiveness would serve you better. If you feel that you could improve your communication with others, a training course in communication skills could be just the right course for you.

Does the provider suit you?

The irony is that some assertiveness is required in order to find the suitable assertiveness course. It is nevertheless of great importance to find the provider that suits you. So do your research and try out some providers in your neighbourhood. You can get an impression by checking the website, requesting the brochure and reading about others’ experiences. Moreover, just pick up the phone and call them if you have any more questions.

Taking the first steps towards a more assertive you starts with your search for the right course. We wish you the best of luck!