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5 Team Coaching Training Courses

See also: Feedback Skills, Leadership, Team Building, Management Skills, Building / Construction, Coach / Coaching, and Motivation.

See also: Feedback Skills, Leadership, and Team Building.


Improving Cross Functional Teamwork Training Course

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A one-day in-company workshop1 Day - On Request This course is one of our standard in-company programmes and can be delivered to your peopl…


High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation

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About this course: Are leaders born or made? Learn the essential skills to develop and expand your leadership repertoire, design teams for …


Virtual & Intercultural Teamwork - We support you in achieving your own goals!

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Splended Blended Learning is an interactive, individualized micro-sessions training combining innovative methods to target the specific nee…


Team Work

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Who is it for? This workshop is suitable for existing work teams seeking to optimise performance and Managers leading their teams and / or …


Teamwork Training Course

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placeLeeds, London and 1 other region

This teamwork training course will help to equip you better to be a successful team leader, offering a variety of essential methods and key…

Let us help you choosing the right course

Not sure which course to pick? Please read on: You’re searching for a course in Team coaching. You can filter the results according to region, duration, price and level, but then you might miss some very suitable courses. Let’s first assess who you are and what you stand for. It might be worth your while to travel a bit further or perhaps follow a longer and possibly more expensive education programme. It’s also possible that you are in an executive position and that you find a suitable course on National Certificate level. You never know. <!--stop-->

What do you want: more knowledge or a diploma?
Are you a team leader, coach or middle manager, or do you wish to become one? Do you want to improve your coaching skills? You can also learn how to give great workshops. Or you can take it one step further and learn how to teach others to become a trainer in a course Train the trainer. Do you wish to qualify for promotion or do you aspire to a new job? Mind the course description and pay attention to the course level or the diploma you’ll be qualifying for. The course level is important, but also the title, as it indicates what you will learn. What qualifications are you looking for: didactic skills, co-active coaching, management and coaching, team management or mediation?

Together or alone?
When you are searching for a course for yourself, you can filter for Open Registration. If you’re searching for a course for the whole team, you might want to consider an in-company training.
Good collaboration means making the best use of individual qualities and your leadership capacities in appointing tasks and roles. A training course in management and coaching can help you achieve a productive division of tasks. You will learn how to manage group processes, how to control group dynamics and how to check group behaviour. In doing this, an open and constructive internal communication is vital.
If the group dynamics and social climate in your team are good and sound, you are in the clear. Nevertheless, you might want to know how to make that well-oiled machine run even smoother. Perhaps there are points for improvement and you want the team you lead to follow a training course in team building? Perhaps there are great difficulties in your team and you want to restore order? Does your staff speak about each other instead of to each other? This causes lower productivity and missed targets. Perhaps your team is ready for Group Intervention (RET). You learn to deal with opposition and create support for your ideas. Ultimately, you can choose to solve matters by means of Reteaming.

Commercial or nonprofit?
A training course in (situational) leadership is centred on the different management and leadership styles that are required and effective within different occupations and fields. For instance, there is a difference in coaching within the commercial field or the government service. Whether your organisation is about serving the public interest or making profit, it makes a difference in the way you lead your team.

And finally…
Now you know: there are many varieties in team coaching. There may be similarities in what the courses offer, but the emphasis lies on different matters. It is therefore important that you try different search terms, as set forth in this article. See which subjects are of importance to you and you’ll find the most relevant course. And do order a brochure when you’ve found the training course that meets your needs. We hope to have helped you and your team get on the right track, heading towards a golden future with a winning team!