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MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. People can only enter into this Masters degree programme after obtaining a Bachelors diploma. The MBA programme is typically a professional education for people with some years of working experience in the field of Business Administration or Business Economics.Read more

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  • 158 Courses
  • 40 Training Providers
  • £3.- - £55,000.-Price range

158 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Training Courses


Why to choose this course? It provides and excellent broad-based grounding in all aspects of business. It will enable students to learn kno…

Edinburgh, Leeds and 5 other regions

Training Description A manager's effectiveness depends on the manager! This 2 day course provides a unique opportunity for a manager, or as…

The well-established and challenging MBA programme at the University of Bolton is designed to inspire and support you in the development of…

MBA The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programme examines the working nature of business in a competitive environment. It offers …

The MBA is an internationally recognised Masters degree in business administration and management. It prepares managers for organisation-wi…

About the course A leading-edge career development course for practising managers seeking to take their strategic management skills to a hi…

The Glasgow MBA will teach you the skills and tools needed to be a successful manager, which is only the beginning. The Glasgow MBA matches…

The core focus is on global, contemporary business issues and is enriched by live client briefs, with specialised options in Enterprise and…

MBA with Emphasis This specific route allows you to gain a named specialism on your MBA through the further study of specific modules. You …

The MBA is an internationally recognised management qualification. It develops your ability to make a significant contribution to the manag…

About the course Career enhancement programme for recent graduates in a global job market Our new MBA (Global) programme offers a very dist…

This course is run in partnership with Robert Kennedy College and applications should be made directly at https://college.ch/apply/mbac The…

Let us help you choosing the right course

MBA or mBA?

Besides MBA, there is something known as mBA, which stands for Modern Business Administration. Courses in this area are mostly offered at senior secondary vocational level. So you might say: there is an MBA for everybody! The difference is of course, that after having followed an mBA course you might know a lot about accounting, but you are certainly not entitled to use the title MBA.

Jobs in the area of financial administration, business administration, or accounting are: Administration Staff Executive, Head of Administration, Finance Director, Business Economics Consultant and Accounting Consultant. Or perhaps you are interested in controlling, or wish to become an Assistant-Controller or a Controller. We also have a Decision Aid for those areas.

Other possible topics

Apart from the topics MBA or Controller our site also offers other topics that may be of interest to you. If you are seriously looking for an MBA-degree course, it might be useful to know that there is a special category for the Care sector and caring occupations. If you are not sure about your choice for an MBA-degree course, you may check out the possibilities offered under one of the related topics. Here, you may choose a training course in the area of Strategic Management, Financial Management, or Management Accounting.

MBA in 1 day?

At the left-hand side of the page you can filter your results. A good filter is Region. This will help you find a course close to you. You can also filter results on Price, Quality Mark or Type. With the Type filter you can select your preference for having a course take place at your offices (Incompany) or for following a programme at an educational institute (Open Enrolment). OR you may opt for a distance learning course. But be aware of the efforts required. Nobody can obtain a Masters degree in a single day.

Right filter, right choice

Whatever topic you may choose, always ask yourself what your specific requirements are.
Do you know what level your course should have? Are there any time or budget constraints? If you choose a course close to home, you at least save on the costs and time of travelling. But you may also simply set a filter to a maximum amount. In one respect, finding a suitable course is just like accounting - everything must be exactly right. We hope that you find what you’re looking for.

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