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107 French Training Courses


General information Speaking another language improves your employment prospects in the UK and overseas, and makes foreign holidays more en…


French involves the study of a key European and international language and its culture. French is a widely spoken language in Europe and be…


What is the Course About? We currently offer French for Beginners - Level 1 and Level 2 French for Beginners - Level 1 - 15 week course sta…

French Beginners

What will I do on the course? Language Skills Beginners: No previous knowledge of the language is required. The course covers "survival sit…

French Conversation

Who is this course for? The conversation classes are for students who have a good knowledge of the language and attended Beginners and Inte…

French Culture

Fee information Accredited courses Fee A Full Fee (Full fees for courses of 15 weeks or more can be paid in two instalments. You must inclu…

French Intermediate

Name of course French Intermediate Who is the course for? Anyone who would like to continue to improve their language(s) in a relaxed, fun …

Learn French

Learn French onlineMyngle gives you the opportunity to quickly learn or improve French online. With the help of our private French teachers…

French - Taster

This short taster will give you a chance to try the language so that you can begin to understand what the language and culture is all about.

French Beginners

French Beginners Who is the course for? Anyone who would like to learn a foreign language and has not studied the language before. What are…

French IGCSE

Learn a second language with NEC's distance learning language IGCSEs. Increasing integration into Europe makes a second language a desirabl…

GCSE French

Who is the course for? This course is aimed at adult learners who wish to increase their understanding of the French language. You should h…

French Polishing

The course will cover the basic techniques and skills of hand French Polishing and restoration. Due to the time restriction, you will not b…

French for Beginners (ACL)

These courses are designed for both the beginner and for those who want to brush-up before travelling abroad. They focus on the ability to …

French Level 1

This is a highly enjoyable and structured introductory course. Chief emphasis is placed on the development of the learner's speaking and li…

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