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See also: Behavioural Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, Counselling, Child Psychology, Problem Analysis & Solving, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Interpersonal Skills.

See also: Behavioural Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Life Coaching.


Introductory Psychology -- A Video Textbook

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The videos for this “Introduction to Psychology: Learn Psychology Basics” course cover some of the key issues in the study of psychology, a…


Social Psychology -- A Video Textbook

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“Learn Social Psychology Concepts & Theories” course is a set of videos designed to help you develop a framework for understanding the conc…


The Psychology of Personality -- A Video Textbook

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Personalityis your relatively unique and consistent expressions of behavioral characteristics. Where do those patterns of behavior come fro…


The Psychology of Learning -- A Video Textbook

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You could see the world as nothing but randomly appearing stimuli (i.e., events you experience) and responses (i.e., your own behaviors), b…


PowerPoint Psychology - Creating Amazing PowerPoint Slides!

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Lots of people make PowerPoint presentations, and lots of people make really bad presentations! In this course, you will learn (and put int…


A-level in Psychology AS and A2

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This course aims to give you a broad understanding as to why we think and behave in the way that we do. Today Psychology is seen as a scien…


Psychology with Sociology, BSc (Hons)

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This exciting British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited course combines a comprehensive understanding of psychology with the study of soc…


Abnormal Psychology

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Are you interested in studying human behaviour? This Abnormal Psychology course is the perfect opportunity. Abnormal Psychology is a divisi…


Educational Psychology

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Why study Educational Psychology at Dundee? This two-year full-time professional training programme leads to qualification as an Educationa…


Animal Psychology

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This course will offer the learner a rewarding way of learning everything required to enhance their animal psychology and behaviour knowled…


AS Level Psychology

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Full Time Year 1 AS Level Unit 1 - Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods - Students will study Memory, Early …


Advanced K9 Psychology

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Go deeper into the anatomy and psychology of a dog’s brain and behaviour. Assignments include breeds and development, fears, phobias and an…


Criminal Psychology Level 3

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Info Defining criminal psychologyScope of criminal psychologyRoles of the criminal psychology Researching criminal behaviour The scientific…


Psychology Diploma in Education & Training

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Educational psychology is concerned with how students learn and develop. It emphasizes trends in educational development while also focusin…


Advanced Diploma in Animal Psychology – Level 3

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Does your pet seem unhappy? And are you unsure about what you should do? Don’t waste another day with an unhappy pet. Their behaviour is te…

Let us help you choosing the right course

Not sure which course to pick? Please read on: You are searching for an education programme or course on psychology. As you can tell from the extensive list, this website is the right place for you! Now you need to determine what exactly it is you’re looking for. A quick way to find out is by reading on and answering some of the questions. Check out the alternatives if this suits your needs. Finally, you can filter the subject you selected, so the results match your criteria. <!--stop-->

1. Is your interest professional or personal?
Are you searching for a study or professional training? Is the course a goal in itself (to satisfy your hunger for knowledge)? Perhaps the course is necessary for your work. Do you want to understand yourself and the world around you, or is your aim to help others deal with their problems and limitations? Mindfulness for instance is a way in which you can help people achieve a balanced life. Cognitive behavioural therapy is another method, one that is based on the client’s self-activation in bringing about change.

2. What is your aim: professional knowledge, or a degree?
Are you happy in your job, but looking for extra training so you can perform your tasks even better? Alternatively, are you searching for an education programme that will enable you to make a career change, or to work in your field of interest? Are you looking for a complementary course, or will you be a first-time student? Which education level suits you: undergraduate or academic? It’s also possible to obtain a Master’s degree in Psychology.

3. Do you want to do research, work in a clinical setting or help private patients?
Psychology can be applied in several ways. By working as a researcher or research assistant, you can apply your knowledge in aid of scientific progress. You can also work as a psychologist and specialise in mental disorders or care for the handicapped, elderly or adolescents, or choose to work in a private practice suited for people with more general problem areas. Do you want to know which treatment methods you can apply and which the health insurance companies reimburse? Then pick the subject Health Care Management.

The qualified psychologist
Qualified psychologists have difficulty in finding a suitable job as a therapist. Qualifying yourself further through more training is an option, but not for everyone. Nevertheless, it could be wise to extend your knowledge, in addition to gaining work experience. Consider a related subject and filter for the results!

4. Which field?
Are you at home in specialised mental healthcare or social work, or do you want to be? Is your choice psychiatry or social work? These are completely different and it’s vital that you choose what suits you best. People who have a degree in applied social studies or with a medical background can work in sociotherapy, taking care of psychiatric patients or the disabled.
Perhaps you are more interested in family constellations and want to help dysfunctional families? Would you rather choose to work in occupational therapy? Or as a social worker? Perhaps you’d be interested in obtaining an (under)graduate degree in Social Work.

Do your interests lie within psychology, but are you new to the field? It’s also possible that you are a teacher and looking to upgrade your knowledge. Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for listed under the subject Psychology of Learning.

After choosing content and form….you decide
When you’ve made a conscious choice of the subject you require, you can start filtering according to your criteria. Start ranking in the order of importance, until only a few courses remain. Where do you want to follow the course (Region)? When do you want to take the course (Schedule)? How long do you want to study for (Duration)? How much should it cost (Price)? What level is right for you?

No immediate result? Then select the same criteria in a different order, or change them. If you have a few possibilities left, select three and click the ‘compare’ button. You will then get a short overview of all the important aspects. If you need more substance for making a well-considered choice, we recommend ordering a brochure!