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4 Vocational Cash Flow Training Courses

See also: Budgeting, Cost Benefit Analysis, and Bookkeeping.

See also: Budgeting, Cost Benefit Analysis, and Bookkeeping.


AAT Essentials - Cash Flow & a Healthy Business

Logo New College Nottingham

The availability of cash enables a business to survive and prosper and is the primary indicator of business health. Through exercises using…


Understanding Profit, Cash Flow and the Balance Sheet

Logo Maguire Training

Ref: MMT10160 Aim: The delegate will learn about why a business needs a healthy cash flow and how the balance sheet is interpreted. By the …


Finance (Videos): Cash Flow Analysis

Logo Want to learn IT

Many managers focus on profits and equate profits with cash. Even a profitable and seemingly successful business can encounter serious diff…


AAT Essentials - Managing cash flow - keeping your business healthy

Logo City of Glasgow College

Overview About This Course: Good cash flow is an indication that shows your business is healthy. The AAT Essential - Managing cash flow, ke…