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See also: Training Skills, Teaching Skills, Supervisory Skills, Careers / Education Guidance Work, Teacher Training, PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector), Mentoring Skills, and Exam Preparation.

See also: Training Skills, Teaching Skills, and Supervisory Skills.


Agile Coach Opleiding

Logo Scrum Company
placeMonday 02 September 2024 in Utrecht

Ben jij overtuigd van agile en wil je wendbaar werken in organisaties op een hoger niveau brengen? Deze diepgaande 12-daagse opleiding gaat…


Agile Coaching Professional (ICP-ACC)

Logo Gladwell Academy
placeWednesday 09 October 2024 in Amsterdam and 1 other date

‘Effectiveness as an Agile coach’- From good to great coaches As an Agile coach you are the ambassador and role model for your organization…


Coaching & coachingtraject op maat

Logo Bureau Spraakwater

Herken je je in één van de volgende situaties? Als mij iets gevraagd wordt, klap ik dicht Ik neem het publiek niet mee in mijn verhaal Ik v…


WeQ Certified Master Coach Training for Enterprise

Logo WeQ

Wil je regelmatig gebruik maken van WeQ, als onderdeel van je essentiële coaching instrumenten, en wil je dieper inzicht krijgen in de WeQ …


NLP & Clean Language for coaching via Zoom (English)

Logo Yosara NLP

Which characteristic traits emerge when you support and lead others? How do outcomes influence what we think and do? What contributes posit…


Personal coaching

Logo Feedback Training & Consulting

De personal coaches van Feedback Training & Consulting ondersteunen je graag om het beste uit jezelf te halen. Tijdens de coaching krijg je…


Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Logo Feedback Training & Consulting

Stakeholder Centered Coaching Stakeholder Centered Coaching staat voor een aanpak die meetbare verandering in leiderschapsgedrag oplevert. …


Formation Attitude Coach

Logo Wincoach sprl

Prérequis à la formation Devenir Coach, Devenir Coach Scolaire et/ou Devenir Formateur.Elle permet également aux personnes ayant des doutes…


Core Coach Opleiding - 2 jaar verrijking door verdieping

Logo Instituut Core

DE CORE COACH EEN RECHTE RUGEEN ZACHTE BUIKEEN VRIJ HARTEEN HELDER HOOFD De 2-jarige Core Coach Opleiding (CCO) leidt toekomstige coaches e…


Coach de vie - Pack

Logo Centre de Qualification Professionnelle A.S.B.L

Un coach de vie aide les gens à mieux comprendre le sens de leur propre vie et propose des conseils sur mesure. Avec l'aide de commentaires…


NLP Business Practitioner & ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

Logo Inspire 360 Ltd

We know through our years of training experience that most NLP companies can only offer the 'standard' NLP Practitioner certification. Our …


Coach de vie 1 - Base

Logo Centre de Qualification Professionnelle A.S.B.L

Le rôle principal d'un life coach est de soutenir les gens dans leur vie quotidienne. Grâce à ce cours, vous accompagnerez des personnes da…


Coach scolaire

Logo Centre de Qualification Professionnelle A.S.B.L

Le coaching scolaire est l’accompagnement d’un élève par un coach qui, par l’écoute et le diagnostic de la situation, l’aide à surmonter de…


Advanced Coaching Skills Training

Logo Spearhead Training Ltd

A one-day in-company training programme1 Day - On Request This course is one of our standard in-company programmes and can be delivered to …


Formation Manager Coach

Logo Wincoach sprl

La formation nous permet une compréhension reposant sur trois axes : personnel, relationnel et systémique. A chacun sa place et sa responsa…

Let us help you choosing the right course

Not sure which course to pick? Please read on: The decision to become a coach or taking up a coaching role is often preceded by a long period of reading, learning and reflecting. This is why you should also carefully consider the appropriate training of your choice.
<!--stop--> To help you do this, we’ve listed some vital points to bring to your notice.

Checklist for finding the right course in coaching:

  1. First, think of what you want to learn
  2. Commitment: becoming a coach takes a lot of effort
  3. Rhythm, structure, buildup
  4. What type of provider?

First, think of what you want to learn

It is easier to find what you are looking for if you know what you want. Immerse yourself in the subject of coaching and consider carefully which skills you want or need to acquire during the education programme, training programme or course.
Consider practical matters as well, such as location, budget, course type, the hours (evenings or daytime?) and the course level.

Commitment: coaching takes a lot of effort

In following a course to become a coach, commitment is the keyword. Doing a coaching training course is intensive and very personal. Besides being able to show your weaknesses, it takes a lot out of you. Not everyone is ready or suited to do this. Group courses evoke many emotions and demand a lot from every participant. You need to be up for this.

Most providers will inquire about this in the intake (in person or on the phone). Perhaps there is a minimum age requirement for taking part in a training course. To be allowed to take part in a course, some life experience and stability in both the private and professional sphere are often a necessity.

A good provider values “excellence” of the participants. Training courses in coaching often take place in a group setting, in order for the participants to learn from each other. Therefore, it is also in your best interest that the participants’ level is of importance to the provider.

A good provider is therefore concerned about the make-up of the group. They might refer you to a different provider if it means a better match. You could even find out during the intake that a training course in coaching is not what you’re looking for, and that a course in coaching skills or a course similar to coaching would suit you better.

Rhythm, structure, buildup

The lessons’ rhythm, the buildup and the structure of the training course should suit you. Consider the buildup and if it matches your preferred way of learning. Is the course spread out over a few evenings, are you and a group going to learn on location, how many sessions are there in total?

Training can take a few weeks, but also a couple of months or even a year. What is practical and achievable for you and helps you learn best? A course type that alternates theoretical lessons with practical lessons, i.e. a practice-based course, is a popular choice. It’s very intensive, but this approach really gets results.

Ask yourself the question if you want to become a coach or if you want to learn coaching skills. There is a substantial difference, both in content and realisation. You can learn coaching skills in a few days, whereas becoming a coach requires a longer period.

What type of provider?

Regarding the provider, it is important to check if it suits you. What is their target audience and do you fit in with that? Does the provider make you feel at home?

In your search for the right provider, recommendations from colleagues and friends can help you, but your feeling is what matters most. Ask yourself if this provider and this trainer are going to get the best out of you. If possible, research the trainer’s background. Is he or she very experienced in this area? If you feel comfortable and have faith in your trainers, they will positively influence your learning process.

So ask if you can drop by the provider, or if it is possible to have an intake or a telephone consultation. Look at what the provider has on offer on Springest or check the training on the providers’ website. Request a brochure so you can read more about what’s on offer in the comfort of your own home. You can sense if the provider matches you by the provider’s look and feel.  

On Springest, you can read about others’ experiences with training courses in coaching. Former participants describe their experience with the provider, the trainer and the way of teaching. Thanks to their experience, you can look behind the scenes of the provider of your choice.

We hope these tips have helped you in your search. Good luck in finding the right coaching course!