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118 Public speaking & presentation Training Courses

See also: Communication Skills, External Communication, Persuasion & Influencing, and Presentation Skills.

See also: Communication Skills, External Communication, and Persuasion & Influencing.


Confident Presentation Skills Training

Logo Courtney Associates
placeBath, Birmingham and 55 other regions

Learn how to become a fluent and confident presenter by attending our 1 day Delivering Presentations With Confidence course. This one day p…


Fear of Public Speaking

Logo College of Public Speaking

Do you suffer from any of the following? Lack of confidence Profuse sweating Uncontrollable nerves A racing heartbeat Dizziness Breathing p…


Fear of Public Speaking Retreat

Logo College of Public Speaking

Invoices state onlyPublic Speaking Course, date and venue, nor do we use the term 'fear' in any email communication. The testimonials below …


Effective Presentation Skills

Logo Stand & Deliver, Learning & Development
placeLancaster and Manchester

Who Should Attend This course is of real benefit to those with little experience who are looking to improve their skills. Those with more e…


Financial Presentation Training

Logo Benjamin Ball Associates Ltd - presentation experts
placeBath, Birmingham and 14 other regions

For confident, impressive financial presentations Are you a CFO or senior financial professional? When you give a financial presentation, a…


Presentation Skills

Logo Smallpeice Enterprises Limited

This participative course reveals how to deliver presentations confidently, successfully and effectively. This is a 'learning by doing' cou…


Pitching for Business: Making an Effective Sales Presentation

Logo ProSeminar

n a competitive situation, winning a contract often involves pitching for business by making a presentation or taking part in a 'tender inte…


Public Speaking For Business Leaders

Logo Benjamin Ball Associates Ltd - presentation experts

For confident impressive public speaking Polish your personal presence.Prepare with Award-Winning Experts As a leader, you know the power of…


Business Presentation Coaching

Logo Benjamin Ball Associates Ltd - presentation experts

Transform Your Business Presentations Your time is precious. We understand that. We’ll give you exactly the help you need so that your commu…


Public Speaking Coaching For Businesses

Logo Benjamin Ball Associates Ltd - presentation experts

Improve your public speaking today We help leaders create and deliver great talks and speeches. And Fast.Prepare with Experts With expert ta…


Sales Presentation - Training

Logo Spearhead Training Ltd

Course Overview:Many salespeople fear making presentations especially to large groups, and this course will build their confidence. Spearhea…


Planning Reporting & Presentation

Logo Aram Academy Europe, Middle East & Africa

The correct reading of the Gantt Chart cannot be taken for granted within a project team. The color scheme, tables, writing style and diagr…


Sales Presentation Skills

Logo Spearhead Training Ltd

A two-day in-company training course2 Days - On Request This course is one of our standard in-company programmes and can be delivered to yo…


Presentation Skills

Logo Impact Partnership (UK) Limited
placeBirmingham, Bristol and 4 other regions

Professional Presentation Skills Presentation skills play a critical role within today's business environment. However, for many people, pr…


High Impact Presentation Skills

Logo Maguire Training

he main focus of this course will be on the individual's delivery of the presentation concentrating on personal presence, confidence and ch…

Let us help you choosing the right course

Not sure which course to pick? Please read on: Does public speaking make you break out in a cold sweat? Giving a presentation is something you can learn to do, which is just as well, because the majority of people would rather not speak in front of a large audience. How do you decide which course suits you best? With the aid of this checklist and these tips, you will know what is of importance when choosing a course. <!--stop-->

Checklist for finding the right course in public speaking and presentation:

  1. Are you presenting something or yourself?
  2. The (size of the) group is what makes the course
  3. Course type: presenting with or without PowerPoint?
  4. A large or small training company?
  5. Budget-wise: try a shorter course
  6. The trainer should inspire!

Are you presenting something or yourself?

It is easier to find what you are looking for if you know what it is you want. Immerse yourself in the subject and think of the skills you would like to or need to acquire during education programmes, training programmes and courses. Consider practical matters as well, such as location, budget, course type (Distance learning or E-learning?), duration and the course level.

It's very important to know what exactly it is you wish to present. Is it yourself or something? There is a substantial difference.

Group: the (size of the) group is what makes the course:

Group size is very important. Which learning approach works for you? Do you like to hide in a large group, where you learn from the sidelines? A small group can prove to be a benefit because the best way to learn how to present is by practicing as much as possible. Moreover, the smaller the group, the more personal attention you will receive, as well as more time to practice. One-to-one training can give you self-confidence and that extra little push that you need to conquer your fears or doubts.

Mind that the training focuses on putting into practice what you learn. Practice makes perfect is a saying that definitely goes for presenting.

Course type: presenting with or without PowerPoint?

A training programme can include the use of (Microsoft Office) PowerPoint during presentations. Think carefully of the skills you want to acquire, and realise that presenting with or without PowerPoint are two very different things.

Does a course in interactive presenting make use of a video? Watching yourself and the way you deliver a presentation on film is a great way to learn.

Furthermore, it is important what takes place AFTER the course. Is coaching on the job during the actual practice of a presentation a possibility? Mind that you have plenty of opportunities to test yourself, before you give a presentation in front of colleagues or customers.

A large or small training company?

Larger training companies often collaborate with actors. Prior to the course, the actors receive course material they use during the training, together with a previously drawn up programme. This is an excellent approach.

Smaller companies also work with specific programmes, but there is more room to deviate from the programme and meet individual needs.

A one-day course offers the basics. There is always practice time scheduled, because practice is vital. A course of two or more days gives the possibility to go more deeply into the subject matter and offers more time to practice.

Budget-wise: try a shorter course:

Is your budget for public speaking courses limited? No need to worry, many excellent trainers started giving training courses in presenting and a cheaper course certainly doesn’t mean less quality. The group, however, could be slightly larger.

The trainer should inspire!

Mind that the trainer appeals to you when you are selecting a training programme. This is someone you will be working and training closely with, so it is vital that he or she inspires you. The trainers’ background is significant. Someone with ample experience in journalism, theatre and stage, with added TV and coaching experience will probably move around the podium more comfortably than a former hairdresser would.

Via Springest you can request brochures and information, and in that way contact course and training programme providers. We hope you will find a public speaking or presenting course that suits you!