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5 Body Language Training Courses

See also: Coach / Coaching, Public speaking & presentation, Feedback Skills, Persuasion & Influencing, Communication Skills, and Building / Construction.

See also: Coach / Coaching, Public speaking & presentation, and Feedback Skills.


Body Language Training for Sales People

Logo Spearhead Training Ltd

Course Overview:This course provides delegates with an in-depth understanding of body language and the implications that it has on communica…


Understanding Body Language

Logo Elearn UK

Body language comprises almost 80% of human communication. It is of great importance in all business and social situations. When conflict is…


Body Language Awareness Workshop

Logo Skillstudio Limited

You will: discover when body language is an important means of communication; use body language to increase your personal impact; increase y…


Body Language Diploma Course

Logo centre of excellence

This fascinating course will help you to better understand what a person is thinking, what they really mean, far beyond what they are actual…


Body Language Secrets of Communicating Successfully

Logo Results Driven Group

How to read another persons Body Language and then communicate more effectively.Overview: Why is it that some people seem able to consistent…