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2 Aggression Management Training Courses


Anger and Aggression Management

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Anger and Aggression Management Course It is a known fact that the confusion of angry feelings with aggressive behaviour creates a tremendou…


Anger and Aggression Management Practitioner Course

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The Anger and Aggression Management Practitioner Course opens by discussing the reasons we get angry - considering social learning, environm…

Let us help you choosing the right course

Not sure which course to pick? Please read on:Are you in search of a training course in ‘Dealing with aggression’? Knowing how to handle aggression and emotion is vital in all communication. Following a training or course teaches you how to cope with aggression and emotions. Is your goal to learn to control your own emotions and behaviour? Or do you want to improve your ability to deal with other people’s emotions or aggression? Communication skills, knowing how to draw a clear line and mediation are the necessary tools for dealing with aggression.


In-company or open registration?

Are you looking for a course for yourself or the staff of your company? Do you want a training course that is offered in-company? If so, how much time should the course take up? First, you can filter the results according to these criteria. Perhaps you are looking for an open registration course for yourself. Then you will want to know where the course is located, the level and costs ….you can filter the results according to these criteria as well.

After having made your choice with regard to delivery, region, duration and price, you can focus on the course’s content. Whether you pick a tailor-made course or a course with fixed content, the possibilities are countless. For instance, you can learn more about influencing another person’s behaviour. But you can also learn about how a certain type of interaction forces both parties to the next step – a step towards further escalation. How do you prevent this from happening?

It is important to determine what your learning goal is. Is your goal to learn to positively influence the interaction between your staff, or is your learning goal aimed at external parties? Are you in a position in which people are dependent on you, like the health sector or the field of education? Or do you work in the security business and do you want to learn how to use your authoritarian position for reconciliation?

What field do you work in?

Commercial company

Do you work in a commercial company? Being able to deal with aggression and emotion can serve a commercial goal. Customers who have complaints can become very angry. “Complaints are opportunities” and “the customer is king” are often heard retorts when this happens. Customer relations are of course vital for a company, but what if the client is acting in a very unreasonable manner? What if the impossible is demanded and all own responsibility is rejected? Should a difficult client be kept at all costs? Are you able to communicate effectively and solve problems, even in the most difficult situations? Special training courses for dealing with complaints are on offer, so you can learn how to deal with this in the best manner.

Dependent clients: health sector or education?

Especially in the social sectors of health and education, emotions can run high. Being a professional, you need to rise above it and provide the care or counselling that the other person needs. People often have the tendency to mirror each other. Ours stress, emotions and moods are transmitted to others, but they in turn also transmit their feelings to us. Withstanding this is a necessary skill in these situations, and you need to make sure the other person’s feelings don’t sweep over you.  

You regularly deal with troublesome and difficult people. Perhaps this causes your blood to reach the boiling point every now and then. However, you need to regulate your aggressive feelings and handle your emotions. Can you control your emotions in a professional environment? And what about your frustration tolerance, is your frustration manageable?

Safety control!

Last, but not least: when you are employed in the security business, be it as a security guard, locally in your area or city, or even with the police force, aggression is a part of your daily work. Of course, you are a trained professional, but perhaps you are looking for extra training or a refresher course. Aggressive behaviour, verbal aggression, anger, intimidation, behavioural disturbances, coercive behaviour – are you able to control all these unwanted manners? Being able to listen is a key skill.

In the other fields, the conflicting parties pursue a common goal, but for you conflicting interests are the order of the day. How do you get everyone to agree?

Your personal top three …

In search of your training course of choice, did you first filter the search results to match your criteria? Is your selection made according to delivery (in-company or distance learning) and the right location, level and time? Then check if the training has the right content. Is the search result a course on dealing with your emotions and anger, or in fact a course that teaches you to deal professionally with other people’s anger? Now check if you can make a comparison of your selection. If you have selected at least two courses, you can click the ‘compare’ button. Now you are ready to make your final choice! However, if you’d rather delve into the possibilities, go ahead and order some brochures. Finally, we’d like to wish you an oasis of calm and stability for the coming weekend, and the same – after having completed the course – in your workplace!